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​Jewelry experience in Okinawa

沖縄オーダーメイドジュエリー - 沖縄結婚指輪 - 沖縄ジュエリーリフォーム - 出産祝い - 天然石ジュエリー

What we going to do in Okinawa?

I want you to feel the memories of the trip even after returning home...

Have you ever experienced something like this?

I bought it as a Souvenir,

but when I got home, I was like,

“Why I got it? Hmm..”

Our necklaces are

With memories of Okinawa

Design that can be worn everyday to use in any places.

For a couple as a pair, or with friends

It's fun to wear.

Enjoy crafting together

I would appreciate it if you could make memories of Okinawa.


​Whats Enamelling?

Called "Shippo" in Japanese

Baked fine sand-like glass on metal


Originally from the ancient Egyptian civilization,

Gradually through the Silk Road

It has been transmitted to Japan.

Shippo Town, Aichi Prefecture

Here, from the end of the Edo period, cloisonne ware

Craftsmanship flourished.

This place was named after the industry.

​It is still known as a town of cloisonné ware.

The color does not change even after 100 years

As much as it is said

The color remains beautiful without fading

Fine art jewelry.

The expression of each finished work,

It will be different every time you layer the maker and color.

It is also attractive that each one is different.

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