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​How to order REFORM

​ wedding ring, jewelry renovation, natural stone, baby gift

沖縄オーダーメイドジュエリー - 沖縄結婚指輪 - 沖縄ジュエリーリフォーム - 出産祝い - 天然石ジュエリー

Reform Price


K18YG or PG/¥70,000(+Tax)~



K18YG or PG/¥85,000(+Tax)~




Item/Which stone

Do you want to use it with priority?

We would like to hear your wishes.

At your first meeting,

It will be an important time to propose a design drawing later.

​If it is difficult to visit us,

Please contact us by email or phone.


❷ Design drawing/estimate

About 10 days after the meeting,

​Design drawings and quotations

It will be completed.

Please consider it based on that.

The first suggestion is just an idea.

There is no guarantee that the finished product will be 100% the same as what you have drawn.

One time only, free up to this point


​❸ Confirmation of type

About a month after the contract for the order

The model will be completed.

called "wax"

jewelry mold

Please confirm in three dimensions.

​No changes can be made after confirmation here.

I got youJewelry bullion frame

I would like to repay you at this time.

We do not exchange cash


❹ Completion/delivery

The jewelry will be completed about one month after the confirmation of the mold.

Design change after handing over,

Because it is different from the image

I cannot recreate it.

If the ring size does not fit,

​Can be changed for a fee.

Customers who have difficulty coming to the store

​ will be delivered by mail.

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