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沖縄オーダーメイドジュエリー - 沖縄結婚指輪 - 沖縄ジュエリーリフォーム - 出産祝い - 天然石ジュエリー

​ wedding ring, jewelry renovation, natural stone, baby gift

Pass on the story​Jewelry

Someday someday...

To the jewelry that is sleeping carefully,

new memoriesWould you like to make one?

The first diamond ring I bought after becoming a working adult.

Matching necklace to commemorate 30 years old

I'll give it to you when you grow up.

My mother's ring that I inherited from her

The ring I bought for my 5th wedding anniversary.

All filled with lots of memories

precious treasure

Although I can't wear each item at the same time...

Let's unite our thoughts.


Which item/stone do you want to prioritize?

We would like to hear your wishes.

At the first meeting,

This will be an important time for us to propose design drawings later.

​If you are unable to come to our store, please contact us by email or phone.



Engagement ring (frame only)

K18YG or PG/¥90,000(+Tax)~


​wedding ring

K18YG or PG/¥80,000(+Tax)~



​wedding ring 2.8mm~

K18YG or PG/¥250,000(+Tax)~


Engagement ring (frame only) 2.4mm~

K18YG or PG/¥400,000(+Tax)~


沖縄結婚指輪 オーダーメイド プロポーズ ティファニー カルティエ ヴァンクリーフ

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